G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW
G125S / 100kW

G125S / 100kW


Model G125S
Rated power (kW) 125
Rated power (kVA) 100
Frequency (Hz) 50
Output voltage (V) 230 / 400
Power Factor 0.8
Pholes 3
Alternator GST POWER
Rated speed (r/min) 1500
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Capacity (L) 130
Fuel consumption per hour  (70% Prime Power) 20
Generator controller Smartgen
Silent Yes
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2800*1100*1700
Net Weight (kg) 1400


Number of cylinders 6 / In-line
Bore (mm) 105
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Displacement (L) 7.01
Rated power (kW) 135
Rated speed (r/min) 1500
Compression Ratio 16:1
Oil system capacity (L) 17
Cooling system capacity (L) 27
Governor type Mechanical
Electrical System Voltage 24vdc
Starting mode By electicity
Battery 2×80 A
Net Weight (kg) 620


Alternator GST  POWER MYI274E
Type Synchronous, Brushless, Single-Bearing
Electricity type AC
Rated power (kW) 100
Rated current (A) 144
Frequency (Hz) 50
Output voltage (V) 230 / 400
Power Factor 0.8
Pholes 4
Phase 3
Standard AVR Model SX460
Excitation system Self excited
Rated speed (r/min) 1500
Ingress Protection IP23
Insulation Class H
Net Weight (kg) 500


Working Voltage DC8.0V to DC35.0V, continuous
Electricity type AC
AC System






AC15V – AC360V (ph-N)

AC30V – AC620V (ph-ph)

AC15V – AC360V (ph-N)

AC15V – AC360V (ph-N)

Working Condition (-25~+70)ºC
Protection Level IP65
Net Weight (kg) 0.56


The silent diesel generator is manufactured in Armenia and meets all international standards. The engine and generator are manufactured in China by special order of our company. The engine is liquid-cooled, the generator is brushless. The radiator is more standard in accordance with our climatic conditions. The fuel tank is designed to work for at least 8 hours.


The generator is fully designed and manufactured in Armenia, meets the conditions of our region and can be both the main and backup current source. The generator is equipped with an automatic start system, which simultaneously with the ATS system will ensure that the generator starts and turns off when the power is turned off and the mains is turned on, respectively.


Armenian production
Low price
High quality
The generator is manufactured using the technology of alternators of the famous Stamford brand, which provides high-quality output current
The generator controller is waterproof and equipped with an LCD display.
Consumables and spare parts are available
Warranty and post-warranty service


The kit includes

ATS system
Battery charger
Coolant Heater
Filled with oil and antifreeze
Booklet about operating conditions
Warranty card

The warranty for the generator is valid for all its components for 1 year or 500 working hour (depending on which one expires earlier), subject to all operating conditions.

Operating conditions of the generator

  1. Continuous energy production at variable load from 20% to 70% of the prime power:
  2. Regular maintenance every 100 hours, but no later than once a month when used in backup mode:
  3. Oil and oil filter replacement for the first time after work in 50 hour, then once every 100 hour, but no later than once a year.
  4. Antifreeze replacement no later than once every 2 years.
  5. Replacing the fuel filter every 200 hours.
  6. Replacing the air filter every 400 hours.
  7. Fill up with high-quality fuel to ensure the smooth operation of the generator.
  8. Keep the generator inside and outside clean.
  9. Do not block the free access and exit of air.